About us


The Company in a nutshell

Termex-Eriste Oy has been known since 1988 as a manufacturer of high-quality cellulose fibre insulation and fiber moving equipment. The family business was started by Mr Keijo Rautiainen in Saarijärvi in central Finland, where winters are cold and good protection against frost and wind is more than needed. Re-cycled paper insulation was at the time the answer for the growing demand of better energy-efficiency and premium indoor thermal comfort.

Strategy-wise focusing on customer satisfaction was the key from the day one when young Keijo Rautiainen was establishing his business in the late ‘80’s. Since then, Termex has grown to become one of the biggest CFI-producers in Northern Europe. Now, after 28 years, Termex has production lines in Saarijärvi and Tuusula in Finland and also in Bialogard, Poland. There is a growing “Termex-Family” of professionals spreading the good news of this ecological way of insulating homes safely and fast.

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